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Sterilizing Solution - 120ml
  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Can be used with MTS Dermaroller
  • Keeps the device usable for longer
  • Prevents skin irritation

The MTS Sterilizing Solution is designed to effectively clean and disinfect the MTS Dermaroller head to ensure the device remains usable for longer.

This alcohol-based solution rids the roller head of bacteria and oil following each use to ensure the device doesn’t irritate the skin. Simple and easy to use, the solution comes with a cleaning tray and cleaning brush to give the roller a thorough and reliable clean every time.

After using the MTS Dermaroller, open the Cleaning Tray and place one of the white cleaning pads into the larger half of the tray. Fill the tray with the Sterilizing Solution and gently roll the roller head into the pad. Leave the roller in the solution for between 15-30 minutes and ensure that it remains constantly wet throughout this time. Use the Cleaning Brush to continually moisten the roller if required.

After this time, rinse with tap water and return to the protective case to allow the device to completely air dry before replacing the case lid until its next use.

Dermaroller Guide

Before using the dermaroller, ensure the skin is clean and dry. Mentally divide the face into different sections, such as the forehead, cheekbones, jaw and chin, to ensure every area is covered. Avoid the delicate eye area and mouth.

Hold the skin taut and roll the applicator head forwards and backwards over the same area, around 8-10 times, in different directions. Go vertically, diagonally and horizontally before moving on to the next section.

Dermaroller Guide

Make sure you apply a little pressure but don’t push too hard onto the skin. Once you have finished one section, lift the dermaroller off the skin before moving on to the next section – this will ensure the needles don’t drag or pull the skin.

It is best to use the dermaroller in the evening, no more than twice a week, until the skin has acclimatised to the treatment. After around four weeks, start to increase usage of the dermaroller until you reach a number your skin is comfortable with. We would recommend using it no more than five times a week.

After using the dermaroller, always clean and sterilise the applicator head ready for the next use. Pat your chosen serum onto the skin after a few seconds for best results.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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