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Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner - 180ml

Resurgence Hydrating Toner - 180ml, refreshes and hydrates.

Hydrating Toner - 180ml
  • Purple - Perfect For Normal Skin
  • Purple - Contains Vitamin C
  • pH balancing toner
  • Refreshes and hydrates
  • Contains Witch Hazel
  • Prepares skin for serum application
RRP: £26.00

The Resurgence Hydrating Toner from Murad is a great suits-all formula that quickly balances and hydrates the skin after cleansing.

Formulated with soothing Chamomile and Cucumber Extract alongside toning Witch Hazel, this solution instantly refreshes the skin while suitably preparing it for the application of serums and targeted treatments. Added Vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection to keep skin looking bright and healthy all day.

Suitable for all skin types, lightly spritz over the entire face and neck after cleansing twice a day.

Spritz over cleansed skin on the face and neck twice a day for best results.

Patch Test

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