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Skyn ICELAND Plumping Lip Gels - 5 pairs

Plumping Lip Gels - 5 pairs, perfect for dry skin lacking volume.

Plumping Lip Gels - 5 pairs
  • Ultra-conditioning gel patches
  • Promises to plump and hydrate the skin
  • Helps reverse environmental-induced ageing
  • Contains Wild Berry Extract for a subtle fruity flavour
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Boasting a powerful blend of plant and marine-based actives, the new Plumping Lip Gels from Skyn ICELAND promise to address three of the biggest ageing concerns for the lips and surrounding area.

Each gel patch is infused with a combination of botanical extracts including Wintered Red Algae, Jojoba Seed Oil and Mustard Sprout, alongside Icelandic Glacial Water to plump thinning lips, soften fine lines around the mouth and replenish depleted moisture levels within the skin. Thanks to a state-of-the-art transdermal delivery system, once the patch has adhered to the skin it delivers these ingredients deep down, revealing a smoother and more luscious looking pout in just 10 minutes.

Suitable for all skin types, press one gel patch over clean lips and leave for around 10 minutes before removing. Can be used whenever lips feel dry or need a pick-me-up.

Make sure the lips are clean before applying one patch to the skin (the patches are oversized so they will cover the surrounding area). Press onto the mouth gently to ensure the patch has adhered to the skin and leave for around 10 minutes before removing.

Can be used as and when required.

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