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Pevonia Lumafirm Freeze-Dried At-Home Intensifier - 3g

Lumafirm Freeze-Dried At-Home Intensifier - 3g, maintains the results of a spa treatment.

Lumafirm Freeze-Dried At-Home Intensifier - 3g
  • Prolongs the results of in-spa treatments
  • Freeze-dried to enhance active ingredients
  • Turns into an emulsion when mixed with water
  • Hydrates, firms and boosts skin's glow
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Maintain the results of an anti-aging spa treatment with the new Lumafirm Freeze-Dried At-Home Intensifier from Pevonia.

This moulded powder is packed with radiance-renewing and skin-conditioning actives, which have been freeze-dried to maintain their efficacy, to keep skin plump and glowing long after the initial spa treatment. Massaged into damp skin, this solid disc turns into a lightweight emulsion that quickly envelops and penetrates the surface of the skin, to deliver its active ingredients deep down.

Suitable for all skin types, massage the disc over damp skin on the face and neck for a few minutes then continue massaging the skin with fingertips until the emulsion has been absorbed.

Peel the foil backing off the plastic container holding the freeze-dried disc. Wet the face and neck with warm water, then remove the disc from the packaging and hold by the butterfly handle before massaging over the skin.

Work the disc in long, sweeping motions over the entire face and neck before massaging the skin with moistened hands until the emulsion has been absorbed by the skin.

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