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Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser - 15ml

Age Management Moisturiser - 15ml, hydrates, plumps and rejuvenates the skin.

Age Management Moisturiser - 15ml
  • Purple - Oil Free
  • Multi-tasking moisturiser
  • Contains Marine Enzymes
  • Plumps and primes the skin
  • Helps minimise the signs of ageing
RRP: £35.00

The new Age Management Moisturiser from Dr Bragi is a revolutionary skin care formula, designed to act like a serum, moisturiser and eye cream in one handy product.

Packed with potent hydrating ingredients and marine enzymes which become ‘super-active’ at body temperature, delivering their impressive exfoliating, collagen-protecting and oxygen-boosting benefits to every layer of the skin. With daily application, these ingredients help to fight the effects of environmental stress and genetic ageing, while maintaining a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion for the long term.

A little goes a long way with this moisturiser; as it is massaged into the skin, the thick gel melts into the skin, giving it a radiant sheen and a youthful plumpness that provides the perfect base for make-up plus it is oil-free.

Suitable for most skin types, massage a small amount into cleansed skin once or twice a day for best results. Allow around 15 minutes for it to fully sink in before applying SPF or make-up.

Apply a small amount onto cleansed skin on the face and neck every morning and/or evening. Allow 15 minutes for the product to sink in before applying SPF or make-up.

Safe to use around the eyes. Not to be used in conjunction with oil or lipid-based products.

Vacuum Pump

This product has been packaged using an airless vacuum pump to protect it against oxidisation and to increase the shelf life of the ingredients.

Before first use, turn the product upside down and tap the bottom a few times to loosen the product, then return the product to an upright position and depress the pump at least 50 times or until the product dispenses.

Vacuum Pump

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.