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Vetia Floris Intensive Treatment Mask - 50ml

Intensive Treatment Mask - 50ml, nourishes and repairs irritated skin in just ten minutes.

Intensive Treatment Mask - 50ml
  • Purple - Limited Stock
  • Purple - Glow Boosting
  • Imparts a youthful glow
  • Melts into the skin
  • Eases tension and soothes irritation
  • Deeply hydrates and nourishes
RRP: £170.00

The Intensive Treatment Mask from Vetia Floris promises to transform any complexion from dry, irritated and red to silky smooth, soft and radiant.

This unique formula is packed with nurturing plant oils that literally melt into the skin, flooding the surface with nourishment and hydration to combat everything from dehydration to dullness. In as little as ten minutes, this mask erases all signs of irritation and soothes feelings of tension while effectively stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration to leave skin looking fresh, glowing and feeling more healthy.

Suitable for all skin types, apply a thin even layer to cleansed skin and leave for around 10-15 minutes before removing with a cotton pad.

Spread an even layer over cleansed skin using the including applicator and rub into the face with fingertips. Leave for around 10-15 minutes before removing any remaining residue with a cotton pad. Can be used once or twice a week.

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