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Osmosis Skincare Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30

Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30, keeps skin safe in the sun.

Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30
  • Lightweight Texture
Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30 - 30ml
Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30 - 200ml

Defend the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays with the Osmosis Skincare Protect Ultra Sheer SPF30.

This lightweight, long-lasting formula contains Zinc Oxide to provide mineral broad spectrum UV protection for all skin types and all seasons. Free-from Nano particles and potential irritants, this hydrating cream sits comfortably on the skin and can be reapplied without feeling greasy or heavy. Ideal for a day at the beach or during the daily commute, this sunscreen ensures photo-induced redness, dark spots and ageing are kept to a minimum.

Suitable for all skin types, apply to clean dry skin every morning prior to sun exposure. Can be reapplied throughout the day for continued protection.

Apply to clean skin on the face every morning after applying a serum. Allow at least 15 minutes before going out into the sun after application. Reapply frequently for continued protection.

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