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Pevonia Anti-Aging Bundle

Anti-Aging Bundle, includes 3 full size products.

Save when purchasing the Pevonia Anti-Aging Bundle. Contains 3 full size products.

Age-Correction Hydrating Cleanser - 120ml

Specifically designed for mature skins, the Pevonia Age Correction Hydrating Cleanser repairs as it cleanses.

Enriched with Marine Collagen and elastin, this creamy cleanser helps to soften the visible signs of ageing while removing surface impurities and pollutants. It gently moisturises damaged skin without leaving behind a greasy residue to fully prepare skin for the application of subsequent products such as serum and moisturiser.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly premature aged or environmentally weakened skins, massage into damp skin every morning and evening for best results.

Age-Correction Age Defying Marine Collagen Cream - 50ml

Transform the condition of dry, ageing skin with the Pevonia Age Correction Marine Collagen Cream.

This silky-textured cream combines Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to nourish skin deep down while helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to soften dry patches and boosts moisture levels to leave skin looking smoother and more youthful. It also provides much needed UV protection to prevent environmental damage and photo-aging.

Suitable for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types, apply every morning after cleansing.

Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30 - 150ml

Protect the skin against the sun’s damaging UV rays with the new Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30.

This silky smooth, non-greasy emulsion combines both physical and chemical filters to offer immediate and long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB rays from the moment it is applied to the skin. Added antioxidants provide much-needed free radical protection while Aloe Vera and Vitamin E soothe and minimise inflammation within the skin, keeping it supple and healthy day after day.

Suitable for all skin types, massage into clean dry skin on the face and body every morning for best results. Reapply throughout the day for continued protection.

Age-Correction Hydrating Cleanser - 120ml

Use as the first step in your skin care routine twice a day for best results. Massage into damp skin before removing with warm water and a muslin cloth. Follow with the appropriate Pevonia toner and moisturiser.

Age-Correction Age Defying Marine Collagen Cream - 50ml

Apply every morning to the face and neck after cleansing for best results.

Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30 - 150ml

Massage over clean dry skin on the face and body every morning for best results. Reapply throughout the day for continued protection.

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