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Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test - Expires October 2018

Food Intolerance Test - Expires October 2018, simple at-home test.

Food Intolerance Test
  • Purple - Limited Stock
  • At-home food sensitivity test
  • Simple and easy to do
  • Great for sufferers of acne, eczema and rosacea
  • Finger prick test
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Find out the root cause of inflammatory skin and health conditions with the new Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test.

A simple finger prick test will establish if you have any intolerances to certain food groups, ranging from dairy and wheat to gluten and shellfish, which could provide the long searched for solution to complexion concerns like acne and eczema or even health issues like IBS and asthma.

Simply send a blood sample off to the Advanced Nutrition Programme partners, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, who will then reply a definitive yes or no answer regarding any intolerances. If you then discover that you have a food intolerance, they also offer a further service that is more comprehensive for an additional cost.

Complete the finger prick test and send the blood sample to the enclosed SAE. The lab will then contact you with the results and options for further tests if you wish to pursue further.

Completed tests are to be sent to York Test Laboratories Ltd (envelope included) and NOT Effortless Skin. Please read the instructional leaflet carefully.

Contact the manufacturer with any questions regarding your test and any further action.