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Cenror XO & Coverstick Offer
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Cernor Coverstick - 5g
Cernor Coverstick is a highly effective moisture rich concealer specifically designed to camouflage discoloration and dark circles under the eyes.

Expertly formulated with Vitamin K Oxide and carefully selected light reflecting and tinting agents, Cernor Coverstick is an easy to apply, long lasting coverstick that provides optimum results and can enhance your natural skin or make-up tone.

Cernor XO - 10ml
The transparency of the skin and the presence of damaged blood vessels are two of the main causes of dark circles. Genetic predisposition, aging and sun damage greatly influence severity.

Cernor XO Emulsion Gel is a unique combination of Vitamin K Oxide and light reflecting minerals to improve the look of dark circles.

Cernor XO consistently delivers Vitamin K Oxide through the epidermis to the site of damaged blood vessels.

Cernor XO's light reflecting mineral complex reduces skin transparency and the visibility of pigments and blood vessels.

Cernor XO
Apply twice a day to the dark circles under the eyes. Avoid exposing to sunlight once applied.

Cernor CoverStick
Apply in the morning before applying make-up. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply to the lips. Avoid exposure to the sun.

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