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Sun Protection Products

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Endocare Day SPF 30 - 40ml. Day SPF 30 - 40ml protects and hydrates the skin.
Heliocare Cream SPF50 - 50ml. Cream SPF50 - 50ml ultra smooth cream for normal to dry skin.
Heliocare Gel SPF50 - 50ml. Gel SPF50 - 50ml oil-free, high SPF gel for oily skin.
Heliocare Spray SPF 50 - 200ml. Spray SPF 50 - 200ml high sun factor protection in a spray.
Heliocare Compact SPF 50 - 10g. Compact SPF 50 - 10g make-up and sunscreen for the face.
Heliocare Oil-Free Compact SPF 50 - 10g. Oil-Free Compact SPF 50 - 10g oil-free make-up and sunscreen for the face.
Crystal Clear Skin Brightening Complex. Skin Brightening Complex treatment for dark patches and blemishes.
Crystal Clear Protect & Repair SPF40 - 100ml. Protect & Repair SPF40 - 100ml an antioxidant UV protection.
NeoStrata Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF 20 - 40g. Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream SPF 20 - 40g hydrating & plumping day cream.
NeoStrata Daytime Protection Cream SPF 23 - 40g. Daytime Protection Cream SPF 23 - 40g Day cream that protects & repairs.
Medik8 Hydr8 Day 360 Ultra SPF30 - 50ml. Hydr8 Day 360 Ultra SPF30 - 50ml day moisturiser and SPF for dry skin.
Medik8 Hydr8 Day 360 SPF15 - 50ml. Hydr8 Day 360 SPF15 - 50ml hydrates and protects oily skin.
Exuviance Essential Daily Defense Creme SPF 20 - 50g Pump. Essential Daily Defense Creme SPF 20 - 50g Pump day moisturiser for dry skin.
Exuviance Multi-Protective Day Cream SPF20 - 50g Pump. Multi-Protective Day Cream SPF20 - 50g Pump sensitive skin moisturiser.
Exuviance Coverblend Skin Caring Foundation SPF20 - 30ml. Coverblend Skin Caring Foundation SPF20 - 30ml a foundation with anti-aging properties & SPF.
Mene & Moy Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 - 50ml. Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 - 50ml high factor sun block.
NeoStrata Sheer Hydration SPF 35 - 50ml. Sheer Hydration SPF 35 - 50ml hydrates oily, acne prone skin.
SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense SPF50+ - 30ml. Ultra Facial Defense SPF50+ - 30ml sun protection at its highest.
Exuviance Regular Skincare Offer. Regular Skincare Offer skincare regime for normal/dry skin types.
Exuviance Sensitive Skincare Offer. Sensitive Skincare Offer skincare regime for sensitive skin types.
Heliocare Cream SPF90 - 50ml. Cream SPF90 - 50ml high factor sun protection in a cream.
Heliocare Gel SPF90 - 50ml. Gel SPF90 - 50ml high factor, broad spectrum sunscreen in gel format.
Heliocare Oral Capsules - 60 caps. Oral Capsules - 60 caps guards skin from dangerous UV rays.
Lumixyl Topical Brightening System. Topical Brightening System complete hyperpigmentation treatment kit.
Exuviance Age Reverse Day Repair SPF30 - 50g. Age Reverse Day Repair SPF30 - 50g smooths deep wrinkles.
Agera Daily Moisturizing Protector SPF 25 - 60ml. Daily Moisturizing Protector SPF 25 - 60ml complete UVA & UVB protection all day.
Jan Marini Daily Face Protectant SPF30 - 57g. Daily Face Protectant SPF30 - 57g high SPF protection.
Heliocare Silk Gel SPF30 - 50ml. Silk Gel SPF30 - 50ml designed for everyday lifestyle use.
Heliocare Hydragel SunTouch SPF50 - 50ml. Hydragel SunTouch SPF50 - 50ml moisturising sunscreen for all skin types.
Exuviance Sheer Refining Fluid SPF35 - 50ml. Sheer Refining Fluid SPF35 - 50ml reduces appearance of acne marks.
NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF30 - 50ml. Skin Active Matrix Support SPF30 - 50ml day cream that repairs & strengthens.
NeoStrata Skin Active Bundle. Skin Active Bundle potent anti-aging skincare system.
Lycogel Breathable Camouflage SPF 30 - 20ml. Breathable Camouflage SPF 30 - 20ml perfect cover up for post-procedure skin.
Lycogel Breathable Concealer SPF30 - 6ml. Breathable Concealer SPF30 - 6ml ideal concealer for skin concerns like acne.
Dermaceutic Sun Ceutic 50+ - 50ml. Sun Ceutic 50+ - 50ml provides anti-aging sun protection.
NeoStrata Daytime Protection, Bionic Serum & Eye Cream Offer. Daytime Protection, Bionic Serum & Eye Cream Offer anti-aging bundle.
Theraderm Platinum Protection Sunscreen SPF43 - 90ml. Platinum Protection Sunscreen SPF43 - 90ml combats sun damage and protects.
Lumixyl Skin Brightening Travel Kit. Skin Brightening Travel Kit travel hyperpigmentation treatment kit.
Heliocare Gel SPF50 Bundle Offer. Gel SPF50 Bundle Offer buy Heliocare Gel in a bundle.
SkinCeuticals Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50 - 50ml. Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF50 - 50ml mineral uva and uvb protection.
Vitage Skin Defence SPF30 - 100ml. Skin Defence SPF30 - 100ml ideal post-treatment sun protection.
Vitage Age Defence Skin Hydrator SPF15 - 50ml. Age Defence Skin Hydrator SPF15 - 50ml antioxidant moisturiser.
Jan Marini Skin Care Management System Normal/Combo. Skin Care Management System Normal/Combo 5 step system for normal skin.
Jan Marini Skin Care Management System Dry to Very Dry. Skin Care Management System Dry to Very Dry 5 step system for dry skin.
SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 - 30ml. Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 - 30ml sunscreen & pigmentation treatment.
Susan Posnick Brush On Block SPF30 - 3.4g. Brush On Block SPF30 - 3.4g mineral powder sunscreen.
Heliocare Gelcream Colour SPF50 - 50ml. Gelcream Colour SPF50 - 50ml sunscreen that hides blemishes.
Heliocare XF Gel SPF50 - 50ml. XF Gel SPF50 - 50ml sunscreen with antioxidants & DNA protection.
Heliocare Ultra Capsules - 30 caps. Ultra Capsules - 30 caps sun protection capsules.
Heliocare Ultra D Capsules - 30 caps. Ultra D Capsules - 30 caps sun protection with vitamin D.
Jan Marini Physical Protectant SPF30 - 57g. Physical Protectant SPF30 - 57g weightless, sheer sun protection.
Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF30 - 90ml. Physical Sunscreen SPF30 - 90ml provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
Inno-Derma Coverage UVP 50+ - 14g. Coverage UVP 50+ - 14g protects and perfects the skin following a procedure.
Inno-Derma Sunblock UVP 50+ for Oily Skin - 60g. Sunblock UVP 50+ for Oily Skin - 60g provides lightweight UV protection.
Inno-Derma Sunblock UVP 50+ - 60g. Sunblock UVP 50+ - 60g protects and boosts collagen levels.
Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion SPF50 - 75ml. Ultra Shield Lotion SPF50 - 75ml broad spectrum SPF50 sun protection.
SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF50 - 50ml. Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF50 - 50ml new, tinted mineral sun protection.
Susan Posnick Brush on Block Refill SPF30 - 3.4g. Brush on Block Refill SPF30 - 3.4g easy to use & cost effective.
iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+ Sunscreen - 100g. Eclipse SPF 50+ Sunscreen - 100g provides long-lasting sun protection.
iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30 - 100g. Extreme Protect SPF 30 - 100g repairs and protects the skin.
ColoreScience Sunforgettable SPF 30 - 6g. Sunforgettable SPF 30 - 6g mineral high factor sun protection.
ColoreScience Sunforgettable SPF 50 - 6g. Sunforgettable SPF 50 - 6g SPF 50 mineral sunscreen.
ColoreScience Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 20 - 6g. Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 20 - 6g loose minerals with sun protection.
ColoreScience Pressed Mineral Foundation - 12g. Pressed Mineral Foundation - 12g a pressed foundation with SPF.
ColoreScience Bronzing Perfector - 30ml. Bronzing Perfector - 30ml softens the appearance of fine lines and uneven tone.
ColoreScience Brightening Perfector - 30ml. Brightening Perfector - 30ml neutralises redness and blurs fine lines.
Epionce Epionce Gift Set. Epionce Gift Set includes, Ultra Shield, Hand Cream and Firming Mask.
PCA Skin Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - 48g. Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - 48g cares for and protects dry complexions.
PCA Skin Protecting Hydrator Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - 48g. Protecting Hydrator Broad Spectrum SPF 30 - 48g protects the skin and keeps it hydrated.
PCA Skin Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 - 60g. Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 - 60g provides lightweight yet reliable protection.
gloMinerals Protecting Powder SPF30. Protecting Powder SPF30 easy to apply sun protection, available in 2 shades.
iS Clinical Post-Procedure Kit System. Post-Procedure Kit System repairs and soothes the skin.
Heliocare 360° Fluid Cream SPF 50+ - 50ml. 360° Fluid Cream SPF 50+ - 50ml fast-absorbing, high factor sun protection.
Heliocare 360° Airgel SPF 50+ - 60ml. 360° Airgel SPF 50+ - 60ml ultra-light, high sun protection, aerosol gel.
NeoRetin Gelcream SPF 50 - 40ml. Gelcream SPF 50 - 40ml helps even out pigmented skin.
NeoRetin GelCream SPF50 and Serum Offer. GelCream SPF50 and Serum Offer standalone Hyperpigmentation regime.
pH Advantage Daily Antioxidant Moisturiser SPF 15 - 103ml. Daily Antioxidant Moisturiser SPF 15 - 103ml lightweight, nourishing moisturiser.
pH Advantage Skin Protection Moisturiser SPF 30 - 118ml. Skin Protection Moisturiser SPF 30 - 118ml moisturising sunscreen for sensitive skin.
pH Advantage AM Facial Multi-Complex SPF 20 - 50ml. AM Facial Multi-Complex SPF 20 - 50ml provides intense moisturisation.
Cliniccare Sun Shield Silky Cream SPF 30 - 50ml. Sun Shield Silky Cream SPF 30 - 50ml broad spectrum protection.
Pharmaclinix Sun Blockex SPF 50 - 50ml. Sun Blockex SPF 50 - 50ml high factor SPF cream.
Pharmaclinix Moisturix SPF 25 - 50ml. Moisturix SPF 25 - 50ml hydrating face cream.
Pharmaclinix Sun Blockex Max SPF 50 - 50ml. Sun Blockex Max SPF 50 - 50ml high factor sunscreen.
Heliocare 360° Gel Oil Free SPF 50 - 50ml. 360° Gel Oil Free SPF 50 - 50ml protects against UV and Infrared rays.
SkinCeuticals Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF 30 - 10ml. Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF 30 - 10ml sunscreen for the eye area.
Ultrasun Sports Spray SPF30 - 150ml. Sports Spray SPF30 - 150ml easy to apply and provides long lasting sun protection.
Ultrasun Sports Spray SPF50 - 150ml. Sports Spray SPF50 - 150ml long lasting, high factor sun protection.
Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20. Glimmer SPF20 lightweight sunscreen that helps hide imperfections.
Ultrasun Family SPF30. Family SPF30 developed for the most sensitive skin. safe to use on children.
Ultrasun Sports Gel SPF20. Sports Gel SPF20 absorbs quickly and protects instantly.
Ultrasun After Sun - 150ml. After Sun - 150ml instantly cools and soothes skin.
Ultrasun Face SPF30. Face SPF30 provides UVA/UVB protection and helps reduce the signs of ageing.
Ultrasun Lip Protection SPF30 - 15ml. Lip Protection SPF30 - 15ml provides UVA/UVB protection for the lips.
Ultrasun Face SPF50+ Anti-Pigmentation - 50ml. Face SPF50+ Anti-Pigmentation - 50ml helps treat and prevent hyperpigmentation.
Ultrasun Extreme SPF50+. Extreme SPF50+ perfect for very pale and highly sensitive skin.
Ultrasun Face SPF50+ - 50ml. Face SPF50+ - 50ml high factor UVA/UVB protection and anti-aging benefits.
ColoreScience Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF50 - 30ml. Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF50 - 30ml brightens and corrects.
Ultrasun Face SPF30 Tinted - 50ml. Face SPF30 Tinted - 50ml tinted facial sunscreen.
NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF50 - 50ml. Sheer Physical Protection SPF50 - 50ml high factor sunscreen.
Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF50 - 50ml. Sheer Daily Protector SPF50 - 50ml oil-free, high factor sunscreen.

About Sun Protection:

It is vital that you apply sun protection to your skin every day of the year. The sun is one of the main causes of premature ageing and sun damaged skin can quiet often develop deep wrinkles and age spots.

If your moisturiser/hydrator does not contain a broad spectrum high factor sun protection then you should use a separate SPF product to ensure you are fully protected from the sun's harmful rays.