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Concentrated Serums & Gels

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15% Vitamin C - 30ml
3D Lifting Fluid - 7 x 2ml
Activ Retinol 0.5 - 30ml
Activ Retinol 1.0 - 30ml
Activated Serum - 30ml
Active Night Fluid - 7 x 2ml
Active Serum
Advanced Eye Contour - 15ml
Advanced Formula Scar Gel UV - 15g
After-Sun Soothing Gel - 150ml
Age Defence Firming Eye Serum - 15ml
Age Defence Peptide Complex - 50ml
Age Defying Serum - 30ml
Age Intervention Peptide Extreme - 30ml
Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence - 30ml
Age Reform Intensive Wrinkle Reducer - 30ml
Age Reverse Total Correct + Sculpt Serum - 30ml
Age-Correction Intensifier Collagen & Myoxy-Caviar - 30ml
Age-Correction Intensifier DNA & Diacetyl Boldine - 30ml
Age-Correction Intensifier Elastin & Sorghum - 30ml
Algae Active Fluid - 7 x 2ml
AM/PM Hyaluronic Infusion - 51ml
AM/PM Spot Treatment Gel - 15ml
Angioses Dark Circles - 15ml
Anti Agex Serum - 30ml
Anti-Blemish Gel - 15ml
Antioxidant - 30ml
Antioxidant + Booster Serum - 15ml
AntiRedness Calming Serum - 29g
Anti-Redness Treatment Kit
AOX+ Eye Gel - 15ml
Arctic Elixir - 30ml
Atoxelene Daily Serum - 30ml
Azelac Moisturizing Gel - 50ml
Azelac RU Liposomal Serum - 30ml
Beach Glow Tan Drops - 30ml
Berry Lip Fix - 12ml
Beta AOX - 30ml
Beta Gel - 15ml
Bio C Serum - 4 x 3ml
BioClear Lotion - 30ml
Bionic Face Serum - 30ml
Bionic Stem Cell Age Control - 30ml
Bionic Stem Cell Radiant Elixir - 30ml
Bionic Stem Cell Recovering Complex - 30ml
Blemish + AGE Defense - 30ml
Blemish Control Clearly Matte Duo
Blemish Control Skin System
Blemish Treatment Gel - 15g
Brightening Eye Serum - 12ml
Brightening Serum - 30ml
Brightening Treatment Kit
C Complexe with Oxyzomes - 30ml
C E Ferulic - 30ml
C E Tetra - 30ml
C Evolutive Eye Gel - 30ml
C Eye Serum Advance + - 15ml
C Pure Concentrate - 14 x 1ml
C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30 - 30ml
C Scape High Potency Serum 25 - 30ml
C Tetra - 30ml
C25 Cream - 30ml
C25 Stabilised Vitamin C Booster - 30ml
Catalase Anhydro Enzyme Gel - 60ml
CE Thione - 2 x15ml
CELLPRO Gelcream - 30ml
Cellular Recovery Serum - 50ml
C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate - 14g
C-ESTA Oil Control Serum - 30ml
C-ESTA Serum - 30ml
Citrus Face Serum - 30ml
CityLife Booster - 12ml
Clarity Skin Clearing Spot Gel - 50ml
Clarity Treatment Gel Sensitive - 30ml
Clear Skin Treatment Kit
Clearskin - 1.7oz
Collagen + Booster Serum - 15ml
Collagen Booster Fluid - 7 x 2ml
Collagen Triple Boost Serum - 30ml
Control Tactics Daily Sensitive Skin Gel-60ml
Control Tactics Redness-Control Gel - 60ml
Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1%
Copper Amino Isolate Serum 5% - 15ml
Correct and Perfect Skin Serum - 30ml
Corrective Soothing Serum - 30ml
Cryotonic Soothing Leg Gel - 150ml
C-Vit Liposomal Serum - 30ml
C-Vit Radiance Glowing Fluid - 50ml
Cyto Luxe Eye Serum - 17ml
Cyto Luxe Hydration + - 30ml
Cyto-luxe Face Essence - 30ml
Cyto-luxe Serum - 30ml
Daily Hydration - 30ml
DePuffing Eye Serum - 6ml
Derma Lift 5.0 - 30ml
Doctor Babor Hydro Cellular Hyaluron Infusion - 30ml
Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular BTX-Lift Serum - 10ml
Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Collagen Boost Infusion - 4 x 7ml
Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Dual Lift Face Serum - 2 x 15ml

About Serums & Gels:

Some of the most concentrated treatments and treatments for specific skin conditions including hyperpigmentation and rosacea mainly come in the form of face serums and gels.

Serums and gels are normally much lighter than a cream and are able to absorb easily into the skin and are particularly good for oily or congested skin types.