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Makeup Brushes & Applicators

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RevitaLash Brow Perfecting Gift Collection. Brow Perfecting Gift Collection contains three products to shape and enhance the brows.
ColoreScience Brush Cleaner - 118ml. Brush Cleaner - 118ml keeps brushes clean and bacteria-free.
CHADO Ciseaux Sourcils Exclusifs. Ciseaux Sourcils Exclusifs expertly trims long eyebrow hairs.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Concealer Brush. Concealer Brush provides medium to full coverage.
Vitage colour minerals Correct & Colour Brush. Correct & Colour Brush create the perfect smoky eye look with ease.
Vitage colour minerals Define & Defuse Brush. Define & Defuse Brush ideal for applying eye shadow & concealer.
CHADO Effaceur Chrono Precision - 4ml. Effaceur Chrono Precision - 4ml targeted make-up remover wand.
gloMinerals Eye Liner/Brow Brush. Eye Liner/Brow Brush brings definition to lash lines and brows.
Vitage colour minerals High Definition Brush. High Definition Brush shape and define your cheeks effortlessly.
Vitage colour minerals I Perfect Brush. I Perfect Brush the perfect brush for applying gel eye liner.
ColoreScience Kabuki Brush. Kabuki Brush quickly applies and blends powder.
Susan Posnick Kabuki Brush. Kabuki Brush perfect for loose foundation.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Kabuki Brush. Kabuki Brush retractable make-up brush.
CHADO Pince A Epiler. Pince A Epiler makes plucking the eyebrows quick and easy.
CHADO Pinceau Brosse No4. Pinceau Brosse No4 styles the eyebrows and lashes in seconds.
CHADO Pinceau Creme No2. Pinceau Creme No2 applies cream and liquid make-up smoothly.
CHADO Pinceau Poudre No1. Pinceau Poudre No1 applies and blends face powders like a professional.
CHADO Pinceau Precision No3. Pinceau Precision No3 a multi-tasking brush for the eyes and eyebrows.
CHADO Pochoirs d'Artiste for Eyebrows. Pochoirs d'Artiste for Eyebrows are stencils to make shaping the eyebrows easy and quick.
Vitage colour minerals Power Buki Brush. Power Buki Brush the perfect tool for applying mineral foundation.
CHADO Recourbe Cils. Recourbe Cils beautifully lifts and curls straight eyelashes.
Susan Posnick Sharpener. Sharpener perfect for the Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT.
Vitage colour minerals Skin Perfector Brush. Skin Perfector Brush helps achieve a light to medium coverage.

About Makeup Brushes & Tools:

An artist is nothing without their tools and to achieve the perfect make-up look, whether it is a smoky eye or a red lip, using the correct tools and brushes will make your beauty routine much easier to complete.

If you want your make-up to look smooth, vibrant and have a professional finish then you need one of our selection of brushes to do all the hard work for you. No matter how experienced you are with make-up you can find a brush to help you apply your chosen product with ease.

Applying your face make-up with a brush allows you to not only create flawless skin effortlessly but it is also much more hygienic than using your hands. Products like concealer and foundation blend into the skin much easier when using a brush, meaning your make-up is likely to last longer and look more natural. Our selection of brushes contain ones to suit your make-up style, whether you prefer to use cream, liquid or powders on the skin.

Alongside brushes we also have a number of other essential make-up tools including eyelash curlers, eyeliner sharpeners and finishing sponges. Each product is suitable for all skin types and ages plus the super soft brush hairs never scratch or irritate the skin.

It is important to keep your brushes clean with regular cleansing to ensure that your make-up always applies evenly, so make sure you have a brush cleaner on hand to rid the bristles of harmful bacteria and left over make-up.