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Medik8 4 Step Protocol

Medik8 believe that skincare should be gentle, simple to use and effective. With this in mind they have designed the Medik8 4 Step Protocol. The 4 steps are:


Step 1 – Cleanse Cleansing is one of the most important steps and is fundamental to your entire skincare regime, not only will it help maintain healthy skin it also enhances the reception of creams and other active ingredients to the skin.

Step 2 – Prevent Preventing free-radical damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin matrix is a must in any anti-aging regime. The Prevent range includes revolutionary antioxidant based products that help to trigger collagen synthesis, increase elasticity and improve skin’s texture whilst brightening the complexion and preventing photo-aging, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Step 3 – Correct The Correct range is an innovative collection of treatment products that are formulated to diminish existing fine lines and wrinkles and revive skin’s youthful radiance. Highly stable forms of all-trans-retinol help to repair collagen damage whilst melanin inhibitors and telomere extenders help prevent hyperpigmentation and redness.

Step 4 – Hydr8 A good skincare regime must include the basics of hydrating and sun protection. Adequate levels of hydration for the skin are crucial, not only will well hydrated skin age at a slower pace it also shields itself better from environmental stresses such as UV light, pollution and free radicals. Correct levels of hydration within the skin can result in smoother and plumper skin. The Medik8 Hydr8 products incorporate a unique Moisture Magnet agent that helps keep skin hydrated, Hydr8 day also contains an SPF25 to provide protection from harmful UV rays.

In addition to the 4 steps detailed above Medik8 offer the Pretox and Body ranges that can also be incorporated into the 4 Step Protocol:

Pretox Protocol Pretox is a range of injection free products that effectively rejuvenate by working on all 4 layers of the skin and the muscular filaments that are responsible for facial expressions. Pretox incorporates an innovative peptide technology that works to effectively reduce all types of wrinkles.

Body Protocol Designed to target body skin concerns, the Body range from Medik8 hydrates and nourishes even the driest of skin whilst targeting common body skin concerns including cellulite and thread veins. With a wide variety of products available within each step of the Medik8 Protocol you are sure to find the perfect regime to compliment your skin type.

Products within the Medik8 Protocol

Step Product  
Step 1 – Cleanser
  • gentleCleanse
  • betaCleanse
  • poreCleanse
  • Red Alert Cleanse
  • creamCleanse
Step 2 – Prevent
  • C-Tetra
  • CE-Tetra
Step 3 – Correct
  • Retinol Eye TR
  • Retinol 3 TR
  • Retinol 40 Boost Concentrate
  • White Balance
  • Red Alert Anti-Redness Serum
  • Dark Circles
  • Firma Derma
Step 4 – Hydr8
  • Hydr8 Day – Normal-Dry
  • Hydr8 Day – Normal-Oily
  • Hydr8 B5
  • Hydr8 Night
Pretox Protocol
  • Pretox 20
  • Protox Infin8
  • Pretox Filler
  • Pretox Eyelift
  • Pretox Pout
Body Protocol
  • Hydr8 Body
  • Red Alert Body