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EU Cookie Policy & EU Cookie Law

Law does use cookies; the use of these cookies is purely to aid the user's experience and transactional process. Effortless Skin does not in anyway use them as a source of information in the collection of personal information.

How to Control and Delete Cookies

If you wish to block cookies from being used on your browser(s) you may be able to acquire the relevant information from looking at your browsers Help information. Or by viewing the About Cookies website ( which has varied and detailed information in regards to removing and stopping the use of cookies.

Though please note, that in order for to function correctly it is imperative that cookies are allowed. The very nature of the Effortless Skin website is to provide an ecommerce service, this service, as seen via the EU Cookie Directive ( allows sites of this nature to allow cookies, as they realise they are required to allow products to be successfully tracked and processed through an ecommerce checkout process.

The Main Effortless Skin Cookies

In order for to function correctly it is imperative that cookies are allowed to perform.

A list of the main cookies used by the website can be found below.

Cookie Name Purpose
ASP.NET_SessionId User session storing product information
PHPSESSID Customer Services Contact Form

Third Party Cookies uses a number of services which also set cookies on the website, this is necessary in order for them to provide their service.

Service Description

AddThis provide a tool to allow the ability to share pages and personal opinions across a variety of social networks; it is at the users discretion if they are users of such networks to share/rate the various products/pages.

The various cookies which a user may experience from AddThis are:

loc - This is our geolocation cookie, so our publishers know approximately where people sharing information are located

Coyote-2-a0f0083 - This is our load balancer cookie

bt - A behaviour targeting cookie

ana_svc - a real-time service cookie

phpbb3_* and style_cookie - These are set by our support forum software

__utm* - Google analytics tracking

uid/uit - User id and login time tracking

psc - View counter cookie

di/dt - Date tracking cookies for determining expiration of other cookies

ssh/sshs - Service share history, used for configuring our preferred services.


The various cookies which a user may experience from Twitter are:


Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a tracking service to view how users find websites and how they explore the site. This information can then be used to create a better user experience for visitors to the website.

Google Analytics sets and updates cookies only to collect anonymous data which is required for the reports which they offer, the data cannot be altered or retrieved by any other service or domain.

Further reading on Google Privacy policy can be read here ( and a more in-depth understanding of their cookies used with Analytics can be seen here (

The various cookies which a user may experience from Google Analytics are:


Google Adwords

This cookie is used to track when a visitor purchases a product advertised on our website.

All the information given above is correct as of 15th May 2012 and is liable to change.